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this is our secret


Inspired by the beautiful forests of our native Denmark, the botanical line up, is built around one of nature’s most ingenious constructions: The tree. Seed & Root – Bark & Branch – Flower & Fruit. 


By distilling with a seasonal cut, we get a delightful yearly vintage, to a full-bodied gin, with a crisp bite. The true craft lies in constantly perfecting balance and harmony, between the 3 aromatic elements found in our raw apples: Sweet fruit sugars, an undertone of mild spice, & slightly tart, fresh acidic notes. 


how you like
them apples


in nature

Inspired by the tree structure, we built this gin using raw organic botanicals. Aroma takes root in flavours of licorice, ginger & galangal, balanced with infusions of chufa.

Slowly it grows stronger into a base of charred oak – wrapped in cinnamon bark. Extracts of juniper and drops of fossilised resin, lay just beneath the surface, bringing greener piney notes. At its peak, it will mature and flourish, bearing ripe fruity flavours of whole fresh lemon and crispy danish apple. ​​

120m years in the making

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