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barrel aged
cognac oak cask

Kongsgaard Dark Gin White.jpg

kept in
the dark

Time is what really rewards Kongsgaard Dark Gin – aged for 18 months it exudes French craftsmanship, as the characteristic notes of charred Cognac casks unfold. 


The secret lies in the coveted Limousin oak which over time develops the irresistible soft tannins and creamy vanilla notes.


dark gin

We created a bespoke font where especially the “K” stands out and it’s graphical features form our logo, representing the Kongsgaard hall in the woods. On this limited edition, print is on real wood – making each label unique.


The bottle's antique green glass colour will vary in shades from deep brown – we know from fall in the woods. Bring it to the nearest clearing and it will transform into a greener spring color. 




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